Item Registry

The Item Registry offers the host a means to request certain items be brought to the party by their guests.  It also allows guests to write down what they intend to bring if was not explicitly requested.  No more 6 bags of chips and no dip!  Request things like tables, chairs, ice, specific food, etc.


Instead of wasteful trips to grocery or convenienence stores, guests can simply contribute cash.  By pooling the contributions together the combined money can be used efficiently to better fulfill the event.  The host may also use the money to purchase services like Cleaning or Catering thus reducing their stress and increasing the likelyhood they will host again.

Invites and Groups

Inviting is very easy and reliable.  The host is able to invite not only RapidParty members but also others by means of Email and Phone Number.  The host can create contact lists and private groups and later invite the members to the event.  Overlapping members will be taken care of.  Organize your friends into groups and invite a couple of groups to your event and you are done!


Mobile Apps coming soon!

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